Market Disrupting Social Impact Funds


We invest not in industry verticals but in ventures and opportunities that are both disruptive & socially focused. This broad focus give our funds & investments Diversity.

Great Disruption

The first question we ask is "can this investment seriously disrupt their market?" The second is if they have a focus on doing good built into their business model.

Analytics & Evaluation

Merlyn, an Adora Venture, is an ML & AI tool that gives Adora Ventures insights in line with companies like Palantir & Aladdin. Investors get access as part of their dashboard.


The First Adora General Investment Fund. This fund is aimed at leading rounds for those who go through the Adora Venture Studios Process.
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The world is made better through the proper leveraging of technology. Technology is changing, this Web3 focused fund is how we lead the way into that future.
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The world is more virtual than ever YET there still remains a strong need for purpose driven Real Estate. Gone are the days of generic development, long live purpose driven development.
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The world still runs on real, tangible, solid goods. We are backing all of our investments on an extremely broad geographical and diversified commodities portfolio.
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Skyrocket Your Portfolio Growth

Achieve your investment goals with expert consultation and develop the most effective strategies and plans to boost your portfolio growth. Receive detailed feedback and evaluation based on insightful data for your business.

Digital Branding & Storytelling

Adora Create is part of the Adora Family of Companies. We help craft stories and create fantastic branding.

Insights with Merlyn

Merlyn is our very own market magician. An Ai and ML platform that helps keep track of all your investments, gathers all relevant public data, along with private data from over 80 sources and delivers insights on a daily basis.

Inspiring Brands And Helpful Info

Best Strategies To Grow Your Business In A Volatile Economy

Right now we are seeing some crazy volatility in the market, learn how to boost your growth during times of recession with outside-the-box strategies and tactics.

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